Saturday, March 21, 2009

What's Special about Linux?

What's Special about Linux?
1. Linux supports multiple hardware platforms – Spanning from embedded devices to supercomputers – Speed of support for new platforms – Availability of skills, portability of applications – Scale-out through clustering as well as scale-up through SMP .
2. Linux has an affinity with virtualization – Supported on all major hypervisors, from z/VM to VMware and Hyper-V – Ability to be paravirtualized with Xen – Inclusion of KVM as part of Linux
3. Linux is flexible – Modular and customizable, with flexible usage licensing
4. Linux is developed by an open community – Sharing skills and resources, leading to faster development. Linux distributions Getting more from your Linux investment. There are many reasons why more and more organizations around the world are implementing the Linux® environ­ment. As an open operating system, the Linux platform is affordable and flexible, helping to free users from the constraints of proprietary systems. In addition, the Linux environment offers reliability, stability, security and speed. But successfully implementing Linux technology-based servers in your IBM System z™ environment requires the support of engineers who are experi­enced in Linux software. And you may not have these personnel resources on staff.
IBM Implementation Services for Linux distributions on System z servers is designed to provide the experienced support you may need with a struc­tured and standardized approach to the installation and configuration of IBM z/VM® technology and Linux oper­ating systems on the System z platform.
The service is designed to speed the implementation process, minimize disruptions to your IT operating envi­ronment and reduce implementation risk—helping you realize the ben­efits of your Linux technology-based systems more quickly. IBM can also provide post-implementation training to help ensure that your IT staff is familiar with the operating system and can support it.
IBM Implementation Services for Linux distributions on System z servers is designed to help you get more out of your new Linux technology-based servers by speeding implementation time. Our engineers can leverage IBM tools to reduce the time it takes to install and configure your Linux systems.
The Linux environment on a System z server can give you the ability to scale up and out—on demand—to meet spikes in server activity, helping to minimize costly transaction delays and potentially devastating system crashes. With a suite of built-in features, System z servers can rapidly respond to, or even anticipate, threats to system health, helping to prevent budget-sapping downtime.

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